American Medical Resource Institute has established a 90 day grace period for certification expiration dates through September 30th, 2020 due to the COVID-19 national health emergency.

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How long is my ACLS/PALS certification good for?

Frequently, people ask us how long their ACLS or PALS certification is good for, or in other words, how long till it expires and needs to be renewed.


The simple answer is that your ACLS or PALS certification is good for two years after you earn the certification.

Typically, you’ll see an expiration date on your certification card that should be exactly two years past the certification date. Once that date has passed, your certification is no longer valid and you need to renew your certification.

Why To Renew Over Taking the Certification Course Again

If you’ve previously completed an ACLS or PALS certification course, or consecutively done an ACLS or PALS renewal, there is no need to retake the initial certification course. In fact, doing so would mean additional study time and expense.


Instead, you’ll want to take your ACLS Renewal or PALS Renewal course. For those, the only prerequisite is that you must have previously completed an ACLS or PALS certification. It doesn’t matter whether you earned that certification via a different provider, or if your certification expired several years ago.


With most certification providers, AMRI included, the certification card you receive at the end of a renewal is identical to that which you originally received after your initial certification, and is good for another two years.

Ready to Renew?

If your certification is expired, your best bet is to go ahead and sign up for an ACLS Renewal or PALS renewal course as soon as possible. Once you pass the exam, you’ll get instant proof of completion.

Furthermore, all renewal classes come with everything included in our AMRI Guarantee:


✓ Free Instant ACLS Card

✓ Free Review & Retake of Exam

✓ Nationally Accredited

✓ Guaranteed Acceptance (Or Your Money Back)

✓ Access to Case Study & Training Library