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Synchronized Cardioversion ACLS Cheat Sheet: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Need to brush up on the essential facts about synchronized cardioversion? This cheat sheet will help.

ACLS Pre-Test & Answer Key: The Perfect Prep for Your ACLS Exam

Preparing for ACLS certification or recertification exam? Test your knowledge by answering five ACLS pretest questions.

PALS Pre-Test & Answer Key: The Perfect Prep for Your PALS Exam

Get an idea of how well you'll do on your upcoming PALS certification exam by taking AMRI's 10-question pre-test.

ACLS True/False Nuggets: Respiratory Arrest

Test your knowledge about the causes and treatments for respiratory arrest with this quick true/false quiz.

What is ACLS? 10 Facts You Need to Know

More and more healthcare facilities are requiring medical workers to get ACLS certified. Get the facts on what ACLS is and how it can benefit your career. 

What Are ACLS Algorithms?

ACLS algorithms can help you learn and retain important information so you can pass your certification exam. Learn more about them here.

Bradycardia: A Quick Study Guide to Symptoms & Treatment

Discover the signs and symptoms of bradycardia as well as the algorithm used to treat it with this quick study guide.

Asystole: ACLS Quick Study Guide to Causes & Treatment

Learn everything you need to know about asystole to ace your upcoming ACLS certification exam with this quick study guide.  

PALS Algorithms: What You Need to Know

Many people who are working toward PALS certification use algorithms to help them retain important information. Learn more about PALS algorithms here.

ACLS Fast Facts on Atrial Fibrillation: 5 Things You Should Know 

Explore the common symptoms and treatments for atrial fibrillation with this essential ACLS study guide.

ACLS Test Prep: 5 Things You Need to Know About PEA

You’ll want to memorize these 5 facts about pulseless electrical activity (PEA) before you take your ACLS exam. Study them now.

Fourteen Essential ACLS Drugs You Should Know About

If you wish to pass your ACLS certification exam, knowledge of these fourteen ACLS drugs is necessary.

ACLS Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to Passing the Exam

Looking for a quick cheat-sheet that will help you obtain your ACLS certification? You may want to read this first.

ACLS Practice Test

Preparing for the ACLS certification exam? Try your hand at this free ACLS practice test courtesy of the American Medical Resource Institute (AMRI).