How to Prepare

Recertification Programs

By completing your ACLS or PALS recertification online, you may select the type of preparation best suited for your individual needs. Feel free to use any study materials based on the 2015 Guidelines for CPR and ECC. In addition to resources on our website, these may include textbooks, manuals, study guides, workbooks, or live professional education activities. Please be certain that you have reviewed the most recent (2015 Guidelines for CPR & ECC) AHA clinical recommendations.

We have created a short course to cover the new guidelines.

The ACLS certification examination tests your knowledge of the 2015 Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care published by the American Heart Association. The PALS exam also covers the AHA/AAP clinical recommendations. At the conclusion, a Participant Training/Practice Inventory is completed on the site. This form allows clients to document the clinical training they have received and the skills used in their current role in resuscitation.


Provider Education/Certification Programs

The ACLS and PALS provider education programs are comprehensive education programs that are completed entirely online after the client finishes the Clinical Skill evaluation at the client's place of employment. Even though clients receive the most recent AHA ACLS or PALS Manual with their registration, most participants report that after completing the exercises on the website, they find the exam to be quite easy and manageable. Along with the course manual that is sent out the next business day after you register, you will receive detailed instructions on how to complete your clinical skill performance evaluation at your own facility using your own clinical educators or practice supervisors.