Life After Nursing: 3 Part-Time Opportunities to Keep You Busy

Life After Nursing: 3 Part-Time Opportunities to Keep You Busy

If you are thinking about retiring from nursing soon, but still want to stay active and take on the occasional project here and there, there are several opportunities to keep you busy while capitalizing on your nursing experience.

According to CareerTrend, the following 3 part-time jobs are in demand and allow talented nurses to put their nursing background to good use.

1. Legal Consultant

Medical malpractice attorneys often rely on the expertise of nurses to help them dispute or support the claims made in their cases. By consulting on a part-time basis, you can help attorneys review medical and legal documents and point out red flags and other concerns that are important to the case.

2. Medical Writer

Nurses are always in high demand to help create content for academic textbooks, healthcare blogs, insurance marketing materials, and more. If you have a knack for writing, look for opportunities with pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and even online media outlets.

3. Student Health Educator

High schools, colleges, and universities depend on the caring instruction of nurses to educate students about a variety of health topics including sex education, eating disorders, and the effects of illicit drug and alcohol use. In addition to providing instruction to students in one-on-one and group settings, nurses who work as student health educators also help create presentations, pamphlets, and other educational materials.

To explore some of the other options you have after you move on from nursing, read the full CareerTrend blog “Job Ideas for Retired Nurses” here.