How to Select & Prepare References for Your Dream Nursing Job

How to Select & Prepare References for Your Dream Nursing Job

You nailed the interview for your dream nursing job. Now, all you need are a few glowing references to seal the deal. Not to worry. Just follow these six tips from American Nurse Today to ensure you pick the perfect professional references to vouch for your nursing skills and caring bedside manner.

1. Select recent references that can speak to your strengths. The obvious choice is to select professional colleagues from your most recent nursing job, but if you’re applying for your first nursing job, a teacher or mentor is a smart option.

2. Always ask permission before using a reference. Reach out to potential references before listing them on a job application to make sure they are comfortable responding to a phone or email request from your potential employer.

3. Share your credentials with your references. Don’t just rely on your reference’s memory of your performance. Send them an updated copy of your resume and a list of your certifications, accomplishments and awards, so they have talking points they can use when discussing your strengths.  

4. Tell your reference about the position you are seeking. Give your reference as much information about the job you’re going for, so they can tailor their comments to show how your strengths are well-suited for the job.

5. Ask your references for the best times and days to reach them. It’s also a good idea to ask if they prefer email or a phone call. Be sure to share this information with your potential employer when you provide your references.

6. Follow up with a thank-you email. Don’t leave your references hanging! Send them a quick email to say thank you for their reference and to let them know whether you got the job.

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