Frequently Missed Practice Questions – January 2018

Frequently Missed Practice Questions – January 2018

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we frequently post practice questions and invite our community to check their knowledge. AMRI fans do well on most of the questions; however, there are some that they miss. These questions should be used as a learning tool to help you prepare for your recertification. Below are the three frequently missed questions along with the correct answers.


In cases where stable ventricular tachycardia is likely, which of the following drugs would be acceptable to administer in an attempt to convert the arrhythmia?

A. Lidocaine
B. Procainamide
C. Amiodarone
D. All of the above


Medical futility is defined as:

A. The patient does not agree to the proposed treatment

B. Regardless of treatment, there is remote likelihood of a positive response (no benefit to the patient).

C. A patient without health insurance

D. None of the above


Which specialist is trained to do intra-chamber electrograms used to identify the source of cardiac arrhythmias?

A. Gastroenterologist

B. Cardiovascular surgeon

C. Invasive cardiologist

D. Cardiologist electrophysiologist