5 Nursing Journals Every Nurse Should Read

5 Nursing Journals Every Nurse Should Read

Nursing journals are one of the smartest ways to stay on top of the latest happenings in your field. Doing that makes you stand out more, which leads to that promotion you’ve been wanting, which comes with a better salary, which can help fund your dream vacation that’s long overdue. Now, are you with us? Let’s get reading, then.

Here are the top 5 picks you should check out according to NurseBuff:

1. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy

If you’re new to journal reading, this is the perfect place to start. The editors strive to make the content fun and engaging so that difficult concepts are easier to digest. There’s plenty of memory aides, cheat sheets and other tools that make studying a breeze as well. It’s published six times per year and you can subscribe for $58 to make sure you never miss an issue.

2. American Journal of Nursing

As the nation’s oldest nursing journal, AJN is read and highly respected by the whole gamut of healthcare professionals. You’re sure to find the latest news, clinical research, insightful commentaries, plus self-study articles designed to support your continuing education efforts. It’s published 12 times per year with a subscription cost of $33.90.  

3. Journal of Nursing Care Quality

Quality patient care in the clinical setting is the focus of all the content in this journal. If you have your eye on nursing management and want to stay current on best practices and new innovations in quality assurance, this journal is a career-boosting read. It’s published 4 times per year and is definitely an investment in your career at the annual subscription cost of $154.

4. Nursing 2018

This journal is filled with lots of practical news and career information for nurses who work in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. Explore the latest on new drug developments, nursing techniques, legal and ethical implications for patient care, and more. Each issue features at least 2 continuing education units, and at $29.90 per year, it’s the most affordable paid subscription on the list.

5. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

This digital-only journal is published by the American Nurse Association (ANA) and features peer-reviewed articles from national and international leaders in nursing. Because it’s 100% online, it features a collaborative platform where nurses and other healthcare professionals can engage in open dialogue about the content. While you don’t have to be an ANA member to view the journal, you do have to create an account for full article access.

Don’t see your favorite nursing journals on this list? Comment below to let us know the names of your go-to nursing journals.