5 Awesome Skill Videos for New Nurses

5 Awesome Skill Videos for New Nurses

Being a new nurse can be overwhelming—even for those who graduated at the top of their nursing class. Fortunately, newbie nurses have the benefit of technology to help them master essential nursing skills.

So, if you’re feeling less than confident about taking care of a patient with a tracheostomy, or you need to brush up on the basics of IV insertion, check out these five instructional videos curated by the career experts at NurseBuff.com. 

Performing a Head-to-Toe Assessment

Inserting an IV

Caring for a Patient with Tracheostomy

Inserting a Nasogastric Tube

Interpreting ECG Rhythms


Don’t see a video above for the nursing skill you want to master? Check out the 90 Must-Watch YouTube Tutorials for Nurses and let us know which skill you’re working on perfecting in the comments below.