New Cardiologist Compensation Report Sheds Light on Job Satisfaction & More

New Cardiologist Compensation Report Sheds Light on Job Satisfaction & More

Salaries for cardiologists are up 3% according to Medscape’s 2018 Cardiologist Compensation Report. But, interestingly, compensation isn’t the only thing this eye-opening report is shedding light on. Survey respondents also shared insight on things like job satisfaction and the number of hours spent on patients and paperwork.  

Here are 10 of the most interesting highlights from the report:

  1. 50% of cardiologists spend more than 45 hours per week seeing patients.
  2. 73% say they spend at least 13 minutes consulting with each patient per visit.
  3. Paperwork and administrative tasks eat up 10 hours per week for 74% of cardiologists.
  4. 37% of cardiologists cite their relationship with patients and the gratitude they express as the most rewarding part of the job.

Source: Medscape
  1. “Having so many rules and regulations” was named the biggest job challenge for 34% of cardiologists.
  2. 94% of cardiologists said they would choose their specialty again.
  3. Less than half of cardiologists said they are interested in a promotion.
  4. Despite billing challenges, 82% of cardiologists say they will continue to accept Medicare/Medicaid patients.
  5. Only 65 % of cardiologists feel they are fairly compensated. More than one third feel they should earn 11% to 25% more.
  6. Cardiologists are among the top 3 earners for all physician specialties with an average salary of $423,000 per year.

For even more insights on cardiologist compensation, check out the full Medscape report.