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ACLS Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to Passing the Exam

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about ways you can make mastering ACLS and/or PALS easier and less stressful. Instead of looking for an ACLS cheat sheet that will help you pass the exam, use this cheat sheet to learn how to actually understand the information you need to know to do your job well.

1. Throw Away Your Pile of Algorithms

That’s right. Unless you really understand the concepts behind the ACLS algorithms, they won’t help you when you need to treat a patient. Instead, simply go through the text of the study guides you are using, and make sure you fully understand the clinical problems and solutions as they are presented.

2. Use AMRI’s Clinical Case Studies

Clinical case studies are included in the online preparation materials provided by AMRI. Think about what these clinical situations would look like in real life and then decide what you would need to do to stop or fix the problem. Also, determine what therapeutics tools you could use to change the situation. If at any point you are unable to answer a question, go back to the text and find the answer.

Reviewing AMRI’s case studies will enable you learn and understand complex ACLS concepts in a way that is relevant and easy to comprehend. They are particularly well-suited for those who are recertifying and only need a quick review.

3. Use Pre-Tests to Evaluate Your Understanding

AMRI enables you to take pre-tests that will allow you to evaluate how well you know and understand ACLS concepts. If you struggle with a particular question, go back and review your reference materials until you develop full comprehension and are able to answer the practice question without trouble.

Be the Best Clinician You Can Be

People love cheat sheets because they enable them to complete difficult tasks with the smallest amount of effort. It is no surprise, therefore, that the search of a good ACLS cheat sheet is common.

In reality, however, your goal with ACLS certification training should be to convert learning into knowledgeable clinical practice. If you fail to understand the course material, the person who will be cheated is your patient.